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Q: Who is eligible for Ontario Works?
To be eligible for Ontario Works, applicants must be residents of Ontario. Eligibility for Ontario Works is based on an assessment of financial need and an agreement to participate in employment activities. Financial need is determined according to family size, income, assets, and shelter costs, and is updated as circumstances change.

Q: What do I do if I can't make my appointment?
Contact the Ontario Works office immediately at 705-759-5266 to advise and reschedule.

Q: I received a letter from the Ontario Works office and need to provide information about my case to someone other than my case manager?  What should I do?
Contact the name and phone number on the letter to provide the information and resolve your situation as your case manager may not be directly involved in all matters about your case. 

Q: I received a letter saying that benefits have been suspended.  Should I still send in my Statement of Income?
Yes, always send in your Statement of Income and contact your Case Manager

Q: How do I apply for Ontario Works?
: (Click here for application process)

Q: How do I appeal a decision?
A: (Click here for appeals process)

Q: Where do I have to live to receive Ontario Works services?
: You must live in the province of Ontario.  This Ontario Works catchment area covers the geographical area of Sault Ste Marie West to Prince Township and North to Montreal River. (Including: City of Sault Ste Marie, Prince Township, Goulais River, Batchewana Bay, Aweres Township and Searchmont area). 

Q: Am I covered for medication?
: All eligible family members are entitled to coverage on a monthly Drug Benefit Card which enables you to purchase prescription medication.

Q: If I need dental work done, where do I go? How do I get help with dental assistance?
  You are eligible for denal assistance if you are on Ontario Works.  There are no dental cards so we ask that you have the following 3 items to identify yourself to the dentist:
1. A photocopy of your monthly drug card (which lists all members of your family).  If you usually leave your drug card at a pharmacy, make a copy before leaving it there
2. The Member Id (listed on your statement of income) which is the first 5 letters of the last name and birthdate of the person whose name appears on the cheque)
3. Health number of the person needing dental work

Your children (under 18 years) are eligible for dental coverage and can go to the dentist of your choice for their regular checkups and dental work.

You, your spouse and your children (18 years of age and over) may be eligible for emergency dental services, however you must be referred to your dentist by the Algoma Health Unit.  Please call 759-5282 for an appointment.

In an Emergency: after hours or on weekends: if a dental emergency happens, please see a dentist immediately.  Tell the dentist that you are on Ontario Works in Sault Ste Marie (show your current month's drug card and give the Member Id).  Please call the Algoma Health Unit at 759-5282 on the next working day to file the appropriate paperwork.

*ODSP - Contact the ODSP office if you are the Dependent Adult of a parent on ODSP and participating in Ontario Works activities.  If appropriate you will be referred to Ontario Works.

Dentures, Partials - You are eligible if:

You are receiving Ontario Works, your spouse is in receipt of ODSP or you are the dependent adult of a recipient on ODSP.

How to apply:

Apply in person to the Ontario Works office for an assessment to take to the Algoma Health Unit.  The Algoma Health Unit will refer you to a dentist or denturist if appropriate.

What is covered:

Complete upper and lower dentures (minimum 10 year replacement)
partial upper and lower dentures
denture repairs and relines

(Screening through the Algoma Health Unit is required)  Some cost sharing may apply.

Q: If I am not eligible for OW for financial assistance are there other services I can be eligible for?
  You may possibly be eligible for one time emergency funding through the Community Assistance Trust Fund.   The Trust identifies gaps and duplication in services, and partners with other social service agencies, service clubs and the faith community to assist the citizens of Sault Ste. Marie with information and one-time funding requests that are an emergency or are extraordinary in nature.  Contact CAT at 541-7327.