Swimming Pools & Rinks

Your lease states as per section 3.03

You agree not to:

  1. Install and maintain any type of ice rink or above ground swimming pool (i.e. inflatable and “easy set-up” pools).

Only wading pools are permitted to a maximum depth of 45 centimeters (16 inches).

Tenants are responsible to supervise at all times.

  • Never leave a child alone out of supervisory eye contact in or near the pool – not even for a second. There is absolutely no substitute for constant adult supervision.
  • If you must leave the pool area, even for one minute, take your child with you. One lapse in supervision can spell tragedy.
  • Floating toys attract youngsters. Remove toys from the pool when not in use. A child can easily fall into the pool while trying to retrieve one.
  • Wading pools must be emptied immediately after use and positioned such as it cannotfill up with rain water. Untreated water left in pools become breeding ground for mosquitoes and bacteria.